How To Make Chicken Caesar Salad

Ingredients  - 4 cloves of garlic  - 3 slices of white crusty bread  - 2 cos lettuces, torn into rough pieces  - 1-2 large boneless, skinless chicken     breast pieces  - 40g shaved parmesan  - 1-2 cup olive oil  - 1 tablespoon mustard  - 2 tablespoon vinegar  - 2 tablespoon…

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How to Create Camera Image in Excel

This is very interesting hidden feature in Excel and is especially handy for doing presentations.  What it does, it create a “shots” a specific area you select.  Then you can actually resize the tables, charts as if they are images.In Excel 2003 the function is hidden.  Here’s how you can…

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How to motivate salespeople

Sales managers should realize that practically everything they do will influence salesforce motivation one way or another, like other managerial functions, motivating salespeople requires a prioritized, calculated approach. It is critical to identify what excites your people—maybe it is cash, certain gifts, prestige, peer recognition or job satisfaction. However, it’s…

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