How to Separate Audio and Video Tracks in Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas pro is a very handy tool for video montage. It has multiples of features and you will like using if while creating and editing videos, especially bringing together different media types, such as images, video material, audio recordings.  Sony Vegas Pro has multiple effects to be used on…

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How to Avoid Copyright Strikes on YouTube

Couple of useful tips will help you avoid getting in trouble with other YouTubers and loose your reputation and channel. It is very easy and safe.1. Do not use copyrighted content without knowing the law how to deal with it.  You cannot avoid copyright notices, if you put the name…

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How to Add Images to Posts or Pages in WordPress

When creating or editing a WordPress page or blog post, you can easily add images at any time using the WordPress Media Uploader tool.Step 1. Place your cursor where you would like the image to appear, and click on the Add Media icon.Step 2. You can add or select the image you…

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