How to Cut Videos in Sony Vegas Pro

Now you want to edit audio and video tracks by trimming, cutting unnecessary parts, rearranging the different pieces, put parts of them in another order, prolong and repeat some parts, and on the other hands, remove other parts out of the project. We already talked about separating audio from video…

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How to Reboot Sony Vegas Pro

Sometimes, Sony Vegas Pro incurs lots of errors and system freezes. You can clean and reset Sony Vegas Pro very easily.Resetting the program and cleaning cache, will remove junk files that build up over time and can cause problems.You need to do the following:1. Turn Movie Studio/Vegas Off.2. Hold down…

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How to Separate Audio and Video Tracks in Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas pro is a very handy tool for video montage. It has multiples of features and you will like using if while creating and editing videos, especially bringing together different media types, such as images, video material, audio recordings.  Sony Vegas Pro has multiple effects to be used on…

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