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How to Cut Videos in Sony Vegas Pro

Now you want to edit audio and video tracks by trimming, cutting unnecessary parts, rearranging the different pieces, put parts of them in another order, prolong and repeat some parts, and on the other hands, remove other parts out of the project.

We already talked about separating audio from video tracks, and it is one of the important first steps before you will start your video montage.  However when the tracks are separate now, you also want to cut sections in both audio and video in order to undertake montage.

What you want to do is as follows:

1.  Put your cursor on the track you want to edit

2.  Now hit “s” to separate piece of the video, or audio

3. Select the piece you want to remove, and just hit delete.  Boom and it is gone

4. You can then drug and drop other media, such as any piece of video and/or audio in any direction, in any order, and then always save the project to keep going.