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How to Separate Audio and Video Tracks in Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas pro is a very handy tool for video montage. It has multiples of features and you will like using if while creating and editing videos, especially bringing together different media types, such as images, video material, audio recordings.  Sony Vegas Pro has multiple effects to be used on the final production.  However, I wish we could find another solution which also allows screen recording.

Now if you want to edit a video, and change for example audio, or add additional scenarios, move things around, first thing you need to do is to separate your audio and video tracks.  On Sony Vegas Pro to is very simple 3 steps:

1. You need to import video to the project: either drug and drop, or import.

2. Drug and drop media in the edit section, and you will see that video and audio tracks are together, and whatever you do to the one the other is affected.

3. Hold the cursor on the track and click U on your keyboard.

And boom!  The tracks are now separated and you can move, edit, delete them separately, as you wish, without affecting the other one.

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