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How to Entice Views to Watch and Subscribe to your YouTube Channel

It is important to have more subscribers, as you want dedicated, engaged and loyal audience is your key to succeeding as a YouTube publisher.  Of course, number one is to have unique and good content, however, there are other factors that matter, if you want to invite more people to stay with you, follow your updates and engage with your videos.

Here are some useful tips for increasing subscribers base and optimize your YouTube Channel:

1. Create an interesting and informative channel trailer that would best describe who your are, why you are here and what do you offer on YouTube.

2. Encourage those you are not familiar with your channel subscribe. Be consistent in what you offer to the new subscribers.

3. Brand your channel.  Use channel art, that looks good across all devices and make sure that you are delivering message about your content.

4. Be creative and keep delivering your message with your thumbnails, title, and description so your viewers know what your video is about.

5. Use Annotations to create call to actions in your videos, cross promoting, your similar videos and also encouraging viewers to subscribe.

6. And of course, analyze the results and experiment, try different things and make sure you take actions accordingly.

One more thing!

7.  Keep creating good and engaging content! 🙂