How to disable autoplay of Video on Facebook and Twitter

How to disable autoplay of Video on Facebook and Twitter

Now you can disable autoplaying video on Facebook and Twitter on the web and their iOS and Android apps.

How to turn off autoplay?

1. IOS

– For Facebook go to the app’s main setting and select “Account Settings”, then choose the “Videos and Photos” tab and select “Auto-play.” Here you can turn the feature off entirely, choose Wi-Fi only or enable a setting Facebook calls” Smart Auto-Play.” When the Smart Aouto-Play is on, Facebook will selectively choose which videos are automatically played on your feed.

– For Twitter, you can go to Settings, the to Accounts and then to Video autoplay. Here also you can allow autoplay only when you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

2. Android

– For Facebook you can tune your autoplay settings on Android based on your network connection or turn the feature off altogether. Select “App Settings” from the hamburger menu in the top right corner of the app and scroll down to “Videos play automatically,” to adjust when you want videos to autoplay.

– For Twitter you can select the three dots menue, open the app’s settings, then scroll down to the “General” section and “Video Autoplay.” Now you can turn the feature off or change it to Wi-Fi only.

3. Desktop

– For Facebook you can disable autoplay from the main settings menu, just select “Videos” from the lefthand column and toggle autoplay to off.

– For Twitter you can go to main settings, scroll down to the bottom to the “Content” heading, then uncheck the “Video Autoplay” box and select “Save Changes.”

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