How to Create a Product Combinations Manually in PrestaShop 1.6.x

Step 1. Log into your PrestaShop admin Dashboard.

Step 2. Go to Catalog -> Products.
To add combinations to a product you have to Edit the product. If you’re adding a New Product, you can configure the options for product combinations only after you save the product.

Step 3. Click on the product that you want to add attributes to then click on Combinations tab on the left.

Step 4. Click on the New Combination in the bottom right corner.

This will display the settings for adding a product combination.

Step 5. From the Attribute drop-down menu choose a group of attributes, for example, “Color”.

Step 6. From the Value drop-down choose the attribute value that you would like to include, for example, “White”.
After you select the attribute and value click on the Add button. The attribute value will be listed in the text area under the drop-down menus. To remove an attribute, select it in the text area by clicking on it with the left mouse button and click on the Delete button. 
You can add as many attributes as you want. Just repeat the same procedure: select the attribute and then the value from the respective drop-down menus and click on the Add button. Note that you can put only one value from an attribute group.

Step 7. Impact on price – You can indicate if the product combination increases or decreases the price. Select NONE if the price is not affected

Step 8. You can associate one or more Images with the product combination that you’re adding/editing. 

Step 9. After you’re done with the options click on the Save button to save the combination and exit the product form, or on the Save and stay button to save the combination and stay on the same page.

Your combination will appear in the attributes list.  

You can see the result on the product page of your store.