How to Add New Product Attributes in PrestaShop 1.6.x

Step 1. Log into your Prestashop admin panel.

Step 2. Go to Catalog -> Product Attributes.
On the page that opens there’s a table with the current attributes. PrestaShop comes prepackaged with some attributes. To add a new attribute you should do the following.

Step 3. Click the Add New Attributes button.

  This will open the form for adding new attributes. It contains the following fields:

  • Name: The name will not be visible to the site visitors.
  • Public name: Visible to your site visitors.
  • Attribute type:  Enables you to choose whether the product’s page should display this attribute’s values as a drop-down list, a radio button list, or a color picker.

Step 4. Fill out the form and click Save.

You must now add values to your attribute.

Step 5. Go to Catalog -> Product Attributes click Add New Value.
This will open the form for adding attribute values.

  • Attribute type: From the dropdown list, select the attribute group to which you want the value to belong.
  • Value: Give a value to the attribute, for example for Color, it may be Metal, Pink etc.
  • Color: Choose a color with the color picker, or enter an HTML color.
  • Texture: Upload color texture from your computer.

Step 6. After you’re done with the settings click on the Save button or on the button Save then add another value if you want to add more attribute values.

To view and manage the attribute values assigned to an attribute click on the name of the attribute, or click on the View  button.

Once your attributes are in place and their values are set, you can create product variations (or “combinations”) in each product’s “Combinations” tab, from the “Products” page under the “Catalog” menu.