How to Add a New Currency in PrestaShop 1.6.x

Step 1. Log into PrestaShop admin dashboard.

Step 2. Go to Localization->Currencies.
Here you can change currency name, conversion rate and format. You can also enable/disable it.

Step 3. Click Add new currency button.

Step 4. There are a few fields here that you will need to consider when adding a new currency. Most of the fields on the screen are required.

  • Currency name – The name of the currency.
  • ISO code – Now you need to set ISO code (see here).
  • Numeric ISO code – The international code for the currency (see here).
  • Symbol –  Specify Currency symbol (see here).
  • Exchange rate – Specify the Exchange rate. This rate is defined according to your shop’s default currency.
  • Currency format Set up your Currency format. The X corresponds to the currency’s symbol.
  • Enable – Click Enable button. Any currency can be disabled at any time, both from its own edit page and the currencies table on the “Currencies” page.

Step 5. Click Save button to confirm adding.

New currency appears in Currency list now.

In order to set Default Currency you need to

Step 6. Go to Localization->Localization.

Step 7. Select the Default currency and save the changes.

Step 8. Go back to Localization->Currencies and click Update currency rates.

Now your default currency is changed.