How to Add a New Product in PrestaShop 1.6.x

In order to add a new product, you should do the following:

Step 1. Log into your PrestaShop admin section:

Step 2. Go to Catalog -> Products:

Step 3. Click on Add new for adding new products:

 Step 4. Filling the product information on the Information tab, it contains the basic information about the product (specify product type, name and other information, add short and full description).
Type – indicate whether the product is a pack, a virtual product, or simply a classic, mail-sent product.
Name – The name of your product. This is the only required field for a product.
Enabled – A toggle switch to Enable or Disable the product from being displayed in your store.
Short description – Enter a short description about your product here. Include just the important information. This field is limited to 400 characters by default.
Description – Enter a longer, more detailed description here. You may want to explain some features or options (this field has no limits).

Step 5. Click on the Save or Save and Stay button in the lower right to save the information.

Step 6.  Go to Prices tab and set the price.
Retail price – The price of your product before taxes.
Tax rule – Choose between the different rates that you have registered or create a new tax rule by click on the Create New Tax link to the right.
Retail price with tax – Displays the price of the product with taxes included.

Step 7.  Click on the Save or Save and Stay button.

 Step 8. Go to SEO tab to access the product’s SEO information.This tab has three fields to help your product be more visible to the search engines.
Friendly URL – It enables you to rewrite the web addresses of your products as you wish.
The “Generate” button makes friendly URL based on the product name.

Step 9. Click on the Save or Save and Stay button.

Step 10.  Go to Associations tab.
In  “Associated categories” section  you need to select a Product Category. You can select more than one, only if the category contains equivalent and comparable products.
The “Accessories” field gives you the option of choosing relevant products to associate with this product, to suggest them to your customers when the visit the product’s page.
In “Manufacturer” field select the manufacturer from the dropdown list or Create New Manufacturer.

Step 11. Click on the Save or Save and Stay button.

Step 12. Go to Images tab to upload a product image.
Click the “Add files” button and select image file from your computer to upload. You can select as many images as necessary. You can choose which image is to be used as the default/cover image. That cover image will also displayed automatically on the product page of your shop.
Once you have uploaded all your product images, you can modify the image order by drag-and-dropping each table row when the mouse cursor changes to a “movable” cursor.

Step 13. Click on the Save button.

Now we have added a new product.