How to Register Your Business in Google Places

If you are a local business, it’s very necessary and important to add your business in Google places. 

You need to do some simple steps.

1Visit Google Places  and sign in with your email and password if you already have it.

2.  Click Add new business on homepage of Google Places.  

3. First you need to find out if your business has already been registered in Google places. If so, you just need to claim it and then add all the necessary details.

If no

4.  Select the business location of your country, enter your business phone number, and click Find business            information.

5Click Add a new listing and on the next page add more information.

6. About your business fill out the basic information: company or organization name,  address, phone number        and website URL.

7Click Next and about your business provide categories to describe your business, hours of operation,                 payment methods, a photo, a video and add custom information.

8. In the Maps on the right side  preview the listing as it will appear and click Submit then click Finish.