How to paint walls with stripes

This method is cheaper than wallpaper and completely unique. Painting stripes with different colors is an easy way to give your walls a totally new look. Follow this step by step guide to have it done correctly.

What you need:
Water-based acrylic emulsion paints in two colors (preferably in two contrasting colors)
White paint
Paint roller and tray
Small paint roller
Metal measuring tape
Soft pencil
Sprint level
Low tack masking tape

Step 1: Prepare and mark out the wall
If the wall is in strong color, first paint it white. Once the wall is dry, paint it in the main color using the standard paint roller and leave to dry. Mark out the stripes using measuring tape to divide them into vertical bands of varying widths. Mark them with a pencil line by using the spirit level to check that they are straight. Apply the masking tape inside and against each set of pencil lines.

Step 2: Painting and finishing
Paint the contrast color. Use the second color and small roller to paint the stripes (work from top to bottom). Don’t over wet the roller, otherwise the color may bleed under the masking tape. In case of necessity you can also apply a second coat and leave it to dry. When the second color is dry, carefully peel off the masking tape.