How to Achieve Whiter Teeth

When it comes to the teeth issue, we all want white teeth. Judging by my own experience, having pearly white teeth is more than just brushing and flossing daily. You should also pay attention to your drinking and eating habits, as drinking tea, coffee, red wine, soda can result in staining of the teeth. However, you are not supposed to starve and drink only water, here are a few effective ways to help you bring some sparkle to your teeth.

Use bleaching agents
Our first method to make whiter teeth is using household bleaching products like hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Hydrogen peroxide is a popular disinfectant that kills bacteria in teeth. Just like hydrogen peroxide, baking soda is commonly used to easily remove stains on the teeth.

Here’s what you should do: combine baking soda and hydrogen peroxide into your tooth paste and apply it to your teeth. Be aware that too frequent use of this combination may cause irritation of gums.

Increased oral fluid intake
You probably know that drinking lots of water is another way to have whiter teeth. And since it’s nearly impossible to make yourself drink only water, still, you can use it right after drinking various beverages, this way you will remove some of those strains.

Time to eat fruits
Let’s pass on to the next advice: eat a lot of fruits, namely strawberries that contain organic bleach chemical (malic acid). Moreover, malic acid is found among teeth whitening products.

Want to eat banana? By rubbing your teeth with the inner banana, orange or lemon peel you’ll notice improvement in only two weeks. However, there are many people that are against this method saying that a continuous use of such fruits can cause wearing off the teeth enamel and will make your teeth yellower than before.

Teeth whitening gels
Commercially-bought products like teeth whitening gels and mouthwashes are also known to be among the means of whitening teeth. If you are not confused by their price and can easily afford it, than go for it.

It’s up to you to decide which trick is better to use, but remember not to get too fixed on the idea of white teeth at the cost of your health. Above all, never hide your smile, it’s so easy to smile and make others smile with you! 🙂