How To Safely Tan

Summer, vacation, perfect tan… I guess that’s all for now to feel happy!  It’s time to get a perfect, even and golden tan, not the burns or tan lines of last year. Among the options are tanning salons, lotions and sprays, but if you want to have a natural tan at beach, here’s what you can do.

1. Smooth yourself: A few days before the vacation, before shower buff your skin with a body brush in circular and gentle movement. During the shower you can as well use soft body scrub and remove dry skin.

2. Moisten: After the shower, start applying a body cream to keep your skin feeling smooth. A daily moisturizer will minimize the damage of UV rays to your skin.

3. Limit yourself to a few hours of sun per day, also, try to avoid tanning during 11am – 2 pm. Don’t forget about the sunscreen. Tanning too fast is dangerous and can result in burning or long term damage. You should tan slowly, as the act of tanning is your body’s defensive response to the sunrays. The idea is to look like you’re enjoying your summer and make your body feel the temperature gradually.

And remember that the sun’s natural rays are really harmful, but it doesn’t mean the end of feeling the sand beneath your toes and pleasant sunrays on your body. Follow our safely tanning tips, treat your skin right and enjoy summer.