How to improve the number of blog comments?

When we started our blog, we wanted to develop an interesting, active blog with regular readers, who will participate in discussions, thus, helping to make the blog useful and modern.

Let’s touch upon the blog name, objective, general structure, themes, style and technical issues. All the above mentioned points were important to build friendly relations with our readers and develop an effective communication with each other. However, in this post we’d like to present a technical issue, the solution to which, we hope, will benefit our readers, at the same time, encouraging them to leave comments in our blog.

Whenever you leave comments in our blog, you get back links to your website. In other words, good comments mean back link. However, it appears that, for example, Blogger platform has no-follow option designed not to follow the links you have left in your comments, this way your website doesn’t receive traffic. This no-follow option has been put in practice since 2005 to reduce the number of spam comments.

Despite of it, we can control comments before they’re posted in Blogger, so we removed the un-follow option to encourage you to leave comments in our blog. Here’s how we disabled it:
1. Click blog editing
2. Save the HTML sample in Edit HTML section (even if some errors occur, you won’t lose the HTML code)
Select Expand Widget Templates 
4. Type Ctrl- F to search for
5. There are a few rel=’nofollow’options, you should select the part that refers to comments.

Here’s how it should look like

<img expr:src=’data:comment.favicon’ height=’16px’ style=’margin-bottom:-2px;’ width=’16px’/> </b:if> <a expr:name=’data:comment.anchorName’/> <b:if cond=’data:blog.enabledCommentProfileImages’>                <data:comment.authorAvatarImage/> </b:if> <b:if cond=’data:comment.authorUrl’> <a expr:href=’data:comment.authorUrl’ rel=’nofollow’><></a> <b:else/>                <>
6.  Remove rel=’nofollow
7.  Click “Save Template” 

So, we are looking forward to your comments that will also bring back links to your website.

What will you say? J