How to Increase Laptop Battery Life

If you plan a long trip, or simply take your laptop to a local coffee shop, you definitely need to extend your laptop battery life. Use the following tips to make your laptop battery run longer.

1. If you don’t use the volume at that moment, just turn the volume level down or simply mute it

2. Reduce the LCD brightness level

3. Turn off Bluetooth. If you don’t use it, you can safely disable it and avoid draining your laptop’s battery

4. Try to single-task. PC memory that is in-use consumes more power to hold data.  Instead of leaving multiple apps and windows open, use only what you need at that very moment.

5. Run simple apps that don’t require much RAM, disk drive or processing power. If you have to write a letter, use a basic text editor instead of the processor and RAM heavy Microsoft Word.

6. Try to avoid extreme temperature. Batteries will die faster at extreme temperature. Remember to use
the battery at room temperature

7. Use the power saving setting on your computer

8. Remove external devices like a USB mouse or an external drive

9. Instead of using Standby mode, Shut Down or hibernate the laptop, since Standby continues to drain energy to keep your laptop ready

10. Clean the battery contact with rubbing alcohol on a damp cloth

11. Avoid popping your laptop on a pillow, blanket or other soft surface that can heat up

12. Clean your desk. Though it may sound a bit strange, if you have a dusty desk, the dust will get into the vents and clog the cooling fan.