How to Create Unique and Simple URLs of Facebook Profiles and Pages

We have recently been trying to make a link from blog to our Facebook profile, when we found out that the URL looks quite complicated:!/profile.php?id=1000004467549738 (this is a fake URL)
So we’ve been thinking if there is a possibility to simplify this URL, and here’s how we’ve done it. But before we proceed with the steps, I’d like to note that the simplified URL has the following advantages.

The simplified URL increases the number of “likes”
The complicated URL is not easy to remember, as a result of which it’s excluded that one can immediately type it in the browser
The complicated URL doesn’t have a branding feature
Well, let’s now pass on to the basic steps:
Sign in to you Facebook account
type URL  in your browser, which will upload a page with possible options. 
You can choose one of the variants or offer your own option and check its availability.
Immediately after the confirmation the simplified personal page is created. If you have noticed, you can register URLs for all your pages by simply changing the username. ATTENTION: once the username is selected, it’s no longer possible to change it, so think twice. It’s especially important for your company pages to which you’d like to add brands.
After the confirmation your page URL will have the following look:, which is a great substitute to the previously complicated URL.
We hope the information was useful.