How To Do Print Screen in Mac OS X

If you are a new Mac OS X user, you’ll probably have some difficulty in dealing with print screen option.  Find below some easy steps to do it:

First of all, switch to the screen that you want to do screen capture
Hold down apple key +shift+ 3 and release all
Then click on the screen with your mouse
Ready! You’ll see now a picture file on your desktop, which is the screen capture picture.

If you want to do a print screen for a particular application window, you can simply do the following steps:

Switch to the screen that needs to be screen captured
Hold down apple key +shift+ 4 and release all
So now the mouse cursor should change to +
Press the space bar once and the mouse cursor will change to a camera
You can use the camera to select which application window to screen capture
Once finished, you’ll see a picture file on your desktop.
As you see, it’s easy to do screen capture. Most importantly, there is no need to open any other program to copy and paste from the clipboard.