How To Create An Effective Survey Questionnaire

Surveys are one of the most effective tools of market research. They give you the opportunity to understand customer needs and expectations, define your target markets and do successful market segmentation.
The success of your survey depends much on the questionnaire. Below are some simple tools to make it more effective and useful:
1. Start with brainstorming – put down all the ideas,              questions that come to your mind.
2. Define the information you want to get from the survey results. This will help you to choose the right questions.
3. Be simple – use simple language, simple grammar. Make sure the questions are not misleading or do not require much “efforts” to answer.
4. Make it interesting – try your best to choose interesting questions. Respondents will be more eager to answer frankly to interesting surveys. Questions like “How old are you?” might be necessary, but you could make the survey livelier, so be creative.
Avoid questions that might sound insulting, might require confidential or too personal information. Also, it is better not to ask for names. phone numbers or addresses.
Consider the target – you have to decide beforehand who your potential respondents are. Questions should be filtered also according to this factor.
Type of questions – it is my personal preference to use closed-ended questions. They are less irritating for the respondent and are easy to analyze. About the number of choices – 3 is not enough and 6 is too much, 4-5 is the best, I think. Also, make sure answers do not overlap.
Organize the questions  – do your best to organize the questions in the best possible order. Make sure the structure is logical.
Include a small introduction, write one or two sentences about why the survey is carried out. Do not forget to thank the respondents for their time.
Test the effectiveness of the test – when the questionnaire is ready, you can carry out a small-scale survey among your friends and relatives. Ask them to give feedback about what’s good and what’s bad.
– The next and the last step is to make the relevant changes and go ahead! Good luck!