How To Plan Successful Negotiations

Everybody who has even once sat for negotiations, will admit that systematic planning and preparations are the most important elements of successful negotiations. Before sitting in front of the table of negotiations, skilled managers devote a lot of efforts and time to these tasks. The common rule is such: The more complex the questions to be discussed during the negotiations, the more time the process of preparations requires.
The phase of preparations will be much time-consuming for the international negotiations than for the companies of a common country, since in the first case it is much more difficult to collect all the necessary preliminary information.
The preparation to the negotiations requires time and efforts and is often a rather difficult job to do. The golden rule of negotiations states: Don’t enter into the negotiations if you are not prepared to them. The bad preparations can bring to results which are far from the satisfactory. To avoid it, the following steps are to be performed on the way to planning successful negotiations. 
  • Identification of the subject of the negotiations.
  • Knowledge of the position of the other side.
  • Knowledge of the competitors.
  • Knowledge of the constraints/restrictions of the given negotiations.
  • Development of the strategy and the tactics.
  • Planning of the sessions of the negotiations.

If you think of, understand and prepare all these steps for your negotiations in details, success will be guaranteed for you, since as Benjamin Franklin has truly said: “Failing to plan is planning to fail”.