How to Create Camera Image in Excel

This is very interesting hidden feature in Excel and is especially handy for doing presentations.  What it does, it create a “shots” a specific area you select.  Then you can actually resize the tables, charts as if they are images.

In Excel 2003 the function is hidden.  Here’s how you can activate it:
1)  You can use Customize Quick Access Toolbar
2)  Click on “More commands
 3)  Add Camera feature to the right “Quick Access Toolbar
  4)  Now the Camera is on the Quick Access Toolbar
  5)  Now let’s create a Camera Image.  It is fun 🙂
 5.1. Let’s use a table:
5.2. Select the table.
5.3. Click on Camera sign
5.4. And click on any place on the worksheet, and you can resize it like an image!

5.5. You can make really small charts 🙂
5.6. Select the cells around the chart, click on Camera sign and click on any place on the sheet: