How to motivate salespeople

Sales managers should realize that practically everything they do will influence salesforce motivation one way or another, like other managerial functions, motivating salespeople requires a prioritized, calculated approach.

It is critical to identify what excites your people—maybe it is cash, certain gifts, prestige, peer recognition or job satisfaction. However, it’s critical to find ways to ignite an entire department, not just identify your leading sellers.

If for no other reason, the complexity of human nature and changing needs of salesforce members will prohibit the construction of motivational program that run smoothly without periodic adjustment. Guidelines for motivating salespeople follow:

  • Recruit and select salespeople whose personal motives match the requirements and rewards of the job
  • Attempt to incorporate the individual needs of salespeople into motivational programs
  • Provide adequate job information and assure proper skill development for the salesforce
  • Use job design and redesign as motivational tools
  • Concentrate on building the self-esteem of salespeople
  • Take a proactive approach to seeking out motivational problems and sources of frustration in the salesforce